Thousands of Entrepreneurs Have Used This Information To Start Their Very Own Successful Online Businesses!
In this free video series, I'll show you step by step how to start your very own online business even if you have zero experience, zero technical skills, and no idea what kind of product or services to offer
By applying the knowledge you Will learn in this short video series, you can walk away with your new found passion, very own digital product, lead magnet, landing page, automated emails, and traffic generating ads... ALL FOR FREE
I'm Doug Boughton, Founder of Digital StrADegy and 
I'll be teaching you how to setup your business

Discover Your Passion & Create Your Digital Product

Even if you don't have a clue what you can create to help solve a problem... I promise you that everyone has knowledge about something that people will be happy to pay you for to learn, even if you are not the foremost expert on the subject. With this assessment you will have a great starting point.

Click By Click Training to Create Your Lead System

I’ll reveal the software I use to create my drag and drop landing pages, and how the different types of lead magnets I use allow me to to get conversion rates far above industry averages. Watch over my shoulder as I create an engaging, attractive, and effective lead generation system from scratch!

Complete Targeting & Facebook Ads Training 

I will show you the exact method to build your ideal target audiences by customizing interests, behaviors, geography, demographics, and more. Also, I’ll show you the strategies I’ve used to bring hundreds of leads in every week & even let you watch click by click as I create an ad campaign.

Set Up Email Sequencing & Re-targeting Automation

I’ll show you how to warm up your leads the minute they "opt in" and how to nurture them into buyers with powerful email marketing that gives each person so much value that they only want to work with you! The best part of all of this is that it is all automated and requires no work on your end!
 Copies of our Fully Customizable Landing Page Templates 
 Ad Design with Completely Done For You Lead Magnets
 Automated Email Follow Up & Re-targeting Campaigns
 Access to our Online Community for 24/7 Support
Hi, my name is Doug Boughton and I’m grateful that you have found this page. My mission is to help people who want to change their own lives and make an impact on the world, by teaching them the steps they need to take in order to make it possible while avoiding the mistakes that I have made in my journey to financial freedom this far... and there have been many! 
I want to help 1,000 people this year become self employed entrepreneurs by teaching them how I did it, and give them the resources they need to accomplish their goals. I approach life with a core belief that everyone has some kind of talent or knowledge that other wish they could obtain.
I’ve always believed that the greatest achievement each of us can strive for in life is to have the ability to create the world around you, so that it matches the dreams in your mind.

If you’re an entrepreneur, or want to become one, I believe I have some insights and experiences that can help you make an incredible impact in the lives of others.
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